Project Terms and Conditions

Thank you for working with us on this project.


We would like to share with you more about our terms and conditions, which we review on a regular basis and update on this page as necessary.  


Project Feasibility


As we quote for a project, we expect our clients to be completely transparent about every aspect of the survey we are to send to our respondents.

  • Particularly we would like to know the exact Length of Interview (LOI) of a survey, taking into account the local connectivity and data loading time.
  • Also we expect full transparency regarding the existence of quotas or screening criteria at the onset of the project, whether such quotas are in effect from the beginning of the survey, or whether they have to be introduced later during fieldworks.
  • Finally the incidence rate of a specific survey target should be shared with us at the beginning of the project as well, and if such information is not available we will make our own educated guess based on past projects and our current knowledge of the markets covered by our panels.

The price as quoted is based on these information, and upon launching the project, we reserve the right to re-quote or stop the project altogether if these information are found to be inaccurate and/or unrealistic.  


Project Testing


The African continent can be challenging for mobile and online surveys. Therefore:

  • We reserve the right to fully test the survey before sending it out, across devices and from various locations. We are aware that this demands a bit more time to ensure that surveys render properly on all devices and are understandable to respondents within their local context.
  • We expect the surveys we send to allow for respondents to re-access the survey if their connection is interrupted, as is often the case on the African continent. If we find that a survey is not fit to be sent to respondents, we also reserve the right to not send it until required changes are made.
  • We will make suggestions to what these changes should be as a result of testing.
  • Our panel recruitment approach and incentive system is purely based on the fact that respondents possess a local mobile phone number. This altogether makes it pointless for respondents outside of the target country to attempt to take the survey, and therefore we strongly advise for the Geo IP locks to be turned off during the survey. Such fraud prevention systems are powerful and effective in many countries, but on the African continent whose proxy systems are often based outside of the target countries, they mistakenly identify valid respondents as being outside of the target country and therefore screens them out of the survey experience.
  • Finally, it is important that surveys should be designed so that respondents can easily answer across all devices, and that each survey question remains data light (not requiring too much data and time to load). Even for device agnostic survey, only one question can suffice for the entire survey experience to be stopped, as local data allowance and speed slows down or stops the survey process altogether.


Project Timing and Closure


The timing advised upon quoting for the project is based on past project, and our knowledge of local response and recruitment rates. It is not a guarantee, as various factors can affect the speed at which a project is completed, some of which are beyond our control. Nevertheless we will do our best to ensure that the deadlines are met and will work continuously to make sure that the project is completed on time.

Upon the closure of the project, we are understand that a certain amount of time is required to check responses. However we expect the respondents’ IDs and survey outcomes to be returned in a reasonable time, so that AfriQA Insight Ltd. can deliver the incentives to those who have completed the survey and maintain and retain the satisfaction and loyalty of its panel respondents.  


Payment Terms


Our standard payment terms are 30 days from the day the invoice is sent to our clients.


Data Security and Confidentiality


All communications with AFRIQA INSIGHT LTD and documents received during the entire life span of a project is treated with the utmost confidentiality and with the care of keeping survey designs and other survey related IP completely confidential for the duration of the project and beyond.  


Professional Standards Adherence


We adhere to the practices of ESOMAR, which is the leading international professional body for market research in the world. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us to discuss any problems or questions with our project management team (see the Contact section to get in touch).