About AfriQA Opinions

 Bringing the Voice of Africa to Life

About AfriQA Opinions

We empower you to make your voice heard through our engagement and survey programmes so that decision makers can make things right.

Every time you complete surveys, you receive money either as points to be redeemed, as direct airtime or as mobile money.

We are passionate about the African continent as an emerging market with potential to innovate and transform the status quo.

As a result, we have affiliate programmes which you can take part in to help you help us to make your voice heard, because your voice matters, your voice can change your world.

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Your views will reach the hands of people who want to make a change

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The more surveys you complete the more rewards you get

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We’re working with regional Africa businesses to make changes for you

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Our Affiliate Programme means the more people you introduce to AfriQA Opinions the more you earn

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