Our Anti-Scam Policy

We Understand Our New Panelists Are Being Cautious.

With our modern means of communication, it is true that scams have multiplied on the net. We take the concerns of our participants very seriously, and recognize that it is difficult to trust an online program right away. In order to reassure you, we wanted to clearly explain our point of view with regard to scams and we hope that you will take the time to read the Anti Scam Policy.


How We Understand Scams:

We questioned our respondents and recognized that what is called a scam is actually any endeavor that aims to make you spend money, for a particular gain, which in fact never goes to you.
Others are particularly cautious about sharing information, especially financial information as this information could be used to access a user’s personal accounts.
Finally, others call any online program that promises something in return for participation, even if it is not financial, “scam.” Having seen so many suspicious things online, they generalize and think that any online bonus promises are surely scams.


Our Response to These Justified Suspicions:

It is true that our program is online, and it will remain online. Our role is to develop market research surveys and give our participants the opportunity to respond to them. Business decision makers pay us for every interview you complete. This is what allows us to use part of the profit to give you a reward at the end of the study. It is important to note that many respondents are not serious in their answers, and therefore we must take the time to review the answers because we will not be paid if the answers are not coherent or logical. This is how we can offer you a reward and there are no scams involved in this model. If our respondents prefer to participate for free, this is quite possible. In this case we will give the prize to an African charity.


Information Sharing:

As soon as information is sensitive, such as financial information or health information, then you do not have to share it. In other words, it is not necessary for your participation. The market studies you answer may ask you for personal information. However, your identity is never disclosed or linked to your responses to studies. If this were to happen, then we would ask your permission very explicitly and exceptionally. At any time you can decide to change or erase your information, and exit the program having all your information permanently erased.


The Minimum Information We Must Have:

As soon as you enter our program, it is necessary for us to have your email address, without which we cannot send you market research. If you would like to receive a bonus, which is often mobile phone credit, then we will need a valid mobile phone number as well. Finally, age, gender and region are necessary to allow us to do our best to send you studies for which you will be qualified.


How to Know If Participants Are Really Paid:

In order to trust our program, many participants like to see if other people have already received their bonuses. We go to great lengths to ensure that every time participants win, they post it on our walls on the Facebook page, on our ads and in our private Facebook groups (links at the bottom of the page). There are already hundreds of people who can attest to the fact that we are really paying our panelists. However, we still receive complaints because according to some participants it is not enough. However beyond this evidence, we can only advise our respondents to participate and see if “it works”. We are open to further suggestions if you have any. Do not hesitate to contact us at members@afriq-a.com.


Experience a Study:

Sometimes market research is controlled by us, and sometimes it is controlled by our clients. When our clients control the study, our role comes down to giving you the opportunity to access our clients’ platform to respond. In this scenario, we try to advise the client on how to ask you the questions. Sometimes the study is designed in such a way that security mechanisms may prevent you from accessing the study. It is possible that your internet network points to another country. The study deduces that your connection is outside the country and may exclude you from the experience. This is a common scenario and we are trying to limit it. Other scenarios include late access attempts. Our respondents come across a page that says the study is no longer available. Whatever the case, know that these experiences do not mean that your information is at risk. These are technical issues that we seek to compensate for, but this is absolutely not a sign of scams.


Voluntary Cooperation

As with all forms of marketing and opinion research, your cooperation is voluntary at all times. You are entitled at any stage a given research project, or subsequently, to ask that part or all of the record of your interview be destroyed or deleted. Wherever reasonable and practical we will carry out such a request.


Professional Standards Adherence

We adhere to the practices of ESOMAR, which is the leading international professional body for market research in the world. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us to discuss any problems or questions with our surveys or with a particular project. Send us an email to members@afriq-a.com.

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